Moving Tips 

Being Prepared to Move

Are all your items packed? Pluto Movers want to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. Having items being packed before Pluto Movers arrive will be great. Make sure that boxes are marked for the safety of your items (ex: Fragile boxes, kitchen, living room)

Have plenty of supplies

Supplies are key to a successful move. Boxes, bubble wrap, and tape are great starters for a move.

(If you have any other questions about supplies, give Pluto Movers a call)

Utilize your boxes

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Boxes are great for most house hold items. Once you box up your items put a label on them, so that you know where each box will be placed for the final destination. Label every box.

You can relax, Pluto Movers have you covered

Moving can be very stressful. Pluto Movers will make your move as easy as possible. We will take care of your items and make sure that your possessions make it to where they need to be safe and sound.

Let us know everything that's going, Pluto movers will handle the rest 

When Pluto Movers arrive, we will ask for a walk through of your house, business office, or storage. Show us everything you want to go. We are here to make your move easy for you. We stand by our slogan, "MOVERS OUT OF THIS WORLD"